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Get 80/20 no-nonsense advice on your product challenge that's 1-7 days ahead, or more.

99% of product folks struggle alone.

Buy this if you're having a product challenge.

I'll give you straightforward, actionable advice.

It's based on a variety of sources + experience from small agencies, startups to large enterprise SaaS.

Or I can be the devils advocate to inspect your approach 😈

Here's what I can help with:

  • How to prioritise
  • How to do market research
  • How to work with engineers
  • How to go from a service to a product
  • How to start to develop a deep coherent product strategy
  • What are the absolute books to read and courses to take on product topics
  • BONUS: Design Systems Product Management: How to run a design system

You can choose from 2 offers:

  1. Synchronous: A 45-minute video consulting call.
  2. Asynchronous: a private 5-10 minute video. Jam-packed with personalised advice, ideas, and feedback. You can submit your questions either in writing or by filming a short video.

✅ If you don't find the advice valuable, in the next 7 days after purchasing there is a full refund policy.

💡You can also do it yourself by buying

It's a Notion database that guides you to the best advice I collected after 500+ hours of research. It tells you what to do depending on your product stage, risk and type of activity.

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