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  1. Get your hands on the most suitable frameworks, techniques, and methods according to your development stage (Discovery, Validation, Delivery, Growth).
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  • Lance from Developers Institute: "It's taken me years to curate resources from people I trust. Having a shortcut into someone else's curated list of trusted product people? Mind-blowing! It's like someone else did all the hard work for me!"
  • Corinna from Roam Digital: "It's such a neat tool - a great library that inspires PMs. I've made it a go-to resource for our product management team."
  • Walter from Conqa: ”We had to try several prioritisation methods at once. was the quickest way to find the best ones.”
  • Jodie from Eugene Labs: "I was manually building a product library in Google Docs. Then I discovered and thought: This is amazing! It saved me hours."

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