The Big Book of Prioritization

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The Big Book of Prioritization

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Maximize Your Team’s Impact With a Clear and Effective Prioritization Process

🫠 Are you tired of struggling to make informed product decisions that drive product growth?

🤷🏽 Do you feel like you're spinning your wheels trying to prioritize your ideas and craft a winning product strategy?

🏋🏼‍♀️ Does it always feel like victory is right around the corner, if you just read this one article about strategy?

👀 Do you feel like the product leaders you look up to are silently judging you?

🧠 It's time to turn things around with The Big Book of Prioritization.

🤯 This comprehensive guidebook is packed with publicly available frameworks, strategies, workshop templates, and tools that will help you master the art of prioritization and craft a winning product strategy.

  • 🔥 Over 100 proven tools and strategies for effective prioritization
  • 🔥 Comprehensive, logical strategies you can select from when roadmapping
  • 🔥 World-class workshop templates to help you bring all the stakeholders together

Here's where in the process the product can help you

You'll learn:

  • How to manage stakeholder expectations and pressures: Communicate clearly and regularly with stakeholders, involve them in decision-making processes, and align feature prioritization with business goals and objectives.
  • How to navigate internal politics and conflicting priorities: Foster strong relationships and partnerships with team members and stakeholders, advocate for the value of the product and its features, and negotiate win-win solutions.
  • How to gather and synthesize customer feedback effectively: Use a variety of tools & methods to gather customer feedback, analyze and interpret the data, and incorporate insights into feature prioritization decisions.
  • How to create a clear product roadmap or strategy: Define the vision and goals for the product, identify key themes and priorities, and create a roadmap that outlines the steps to achieving those goals.
  • How to increase budget to invest in new features: Justify the value and ROI of new features to stakeholders, negotiate for additional budget, and explore alternative funding sources.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your product development process and achieve success.

✅ Order your copy of The Big Book of Prioritization now ↗️

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Notion database with prioritisation frameworks that you can slice with filters, strategies to find the right approach, workshop templates to develop your thinking, tools to help gather data and some of the best blog posts on the topic

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