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If you run a business or are in charge of a product, you don't have time to look for answers on the web. You don't have much time, so you need the best choices right now so you can move forwards.

🕹 is your friendly companion.

"I find the tool super neat, it's a great library to get PMs inspired. I share it with the product management team as a resource library they can access any time." - Corinna (VP of Product at Roam Digital)

”We needed to try several prioritisation methods at once, and this was the quickest way to find the best ones.”- Walter (Head of Product Engineering at Conqa)

"My workaround was I was just building a product library in Google Docs. So when I came across your tool, I went: this is amazing! You have saved me hours." - Jodie (Head of Product, Eugene Labs)

The GO-TO resource for product leaders & their teams

It is a mini-search engine for frameworks and techniques for strategy, product, and market research. It took more than 500 hours of research and sorting.

  • Find methods appropriate for your development stage (Discovery, Validation, Delivery, Growth)
  • Sort by actionability
  • Learn how to test demand (20+ techniques)
  • Use powerful competitor research frameworks (Top 5)


How does it work?

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Do I need an Airtable account?

No, you will only need to create a Paytable login account to log back in later.

What if I want to share it with my team?

At the moment, we only support individual memberships out of the box, and team memberships are custom. Please reach out over email and we'll help.

All memberships include a 1 week free trial
  • Anytime access to an evergreen database

  • Anytime access to an evergreen database
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